The People’s Climate March

Today, I attended one of the 2,650 marches that are happening all over the world in 150 different countries as people of every nationality, race, age and gender take to the streets to peacefully call upon the leaders their respective countries and the UN to do something about climate change – create international policies, sign accords and pledge to actually follow them, and most of all, take definitive action – so that the future generations of this world have a habitable Earth. After all, everyone knows that there is no ‘Planet B’.

This event is part of an international movement, a morally ethical movement that everyone, no matter their personal political agenda or perspective, should agree on, as the problems causing and created by climate change are universal. As beings that live on Earth, we have the right, and the responsibility, to protect that Earth, especially in a time of crisis such as this, as we reach peak oil and other major tipping points of the balance of Earth’s ecosystem. In many cases, alternative solutions already exist – renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy instead of fossil fuels, reusable fabric bags instead of plastic bags, Public transport systems instead of private vehicles, community farming and urban farming instead of monoculture and importing food… All of these initiatives simply need the backing of the people, and then the governments of the world, in order to happen on a larger scale.

Footage from the different protests will feature at the United Nations Climate Summit of world leaders taking place in New York in the coming week as an attempt to convince them to take action on climate change in a concrete way, and I’ll be among those on that screen. Will you?

It’s not too late to join an event!! Just click here and find an event happening near you.

For more information about climate change, try the NASA page, which has reliable information and a collection of data about the many aspects of its effects and causes.

West Coast Eisteddfod Online Poetry Competition

It’s always weird looking back at what you’ve written. And the urge to simply delete most of my posts is not something that I think will change. But when I come across competitions like this one, I do appreciate my restraint!

The deadline is November 30th, and it’s an online-based poetry competition open to all ages and nationalities, for any style of poetry, including published poetry that is still copyrighted. You can enter up to 5 poems.

As many competitions include blogging as a form of publication, this is a great chance to have a browse through works that you are proud of but never got the chance to enter into a competition.

Good hunting,

-Let’s call me Lily

P.S. These are the poems I’ve chosen to submit :)

  1. Please
  2. Let Them Not Be Forgot
  3. You think to carry my Heart?
  4. A Cruel and Unusual Punishment
  5. The Nature of Our Love

Net Neutrality!

I support Net Neutrality. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out where I was meant to paste the very cool loading sign that shows everyone what it would be like – really, really annoying – if pay tolls were implemented. So instead, please head over to and read about what so many people are trying to stop, and why you, as an internet user, should join in!


A Grimace of Averted Eyes

And I will miss you(r pretty face

arched eyebrows and pointed chin, your long long lashes)

when you are kind and thoughtful and (that doesn’t happen often)


But I won’t miss you (as you are now, spiteful and hateful and miser-empty)

I won’t miss your insults

I won’t miss your arrogance and defiance and the pain that you bring

(when you walk into a room, the shouting always begins)


I think I can bear to live without (you, without your snide remarks)

Even if I don’t think

Try not to think

About you (and the way we never used to be).