Invisible Friend

Huh, well, it was bound to happen sometime

Now’s as good a time as any.

Sit down,


Have a mug of hot chocolate;

I’m in no hurry!

I have all the time in the world,

Although lately it seems there’s

Not much left

To spare.



Now that you’re warm,

and slightly calmer,

Pour out your woes.

Sigh over your empty mug;

Fill it with

Tears that come streaming down your face.

I’m listening –

I always will be

that’s my purpose, after all.


I’ll empathise, of course,

And duh,

I’ll sympathise as well.

And best of all

After you’ve unloaded everything,

I’ll take it on my shoulders

Which always fit the load

And after that

I’ll simply disappear.



Hmm….I seem to have been somewhat influenced by Fix You and Stand By Me in this poem. Not that it was on my mind while first writing, I can assure you.


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