Life Cannot Always Be Straightened Out

I wrote this a while ago (last year :-)), but I was looking over my older scribblings – and that’s what they are, as there are doodles and random words and phrases and crossings out and things that are completely unrelated and cat paw-marks all on one page. My stuff is literally a mess, not just figuratively.

So I’ll be posting some of my work, if I like it, here, but bear in mind I didn’t just come up with it right this instant – I can’t think (or type) that fast.


Whipping wildly

In the wind.

Tangled curls and knotted


Are pulled on,


Torn apart in an attempt

To brush away the wilderness

To create a smooth

Symmetrical paradise

That will only ever last until


As I said, I wrote this a while ago, and since then I’ve read Neil Gaiman’s illustrated children’s story of “Crazy Hair” to my little sister. I quite enjoyed the book, and really, I’m not quite sure why I’m typing this as it doesn’t really relate to this poem apart from possibly the subject matter, although you could argue even that, but I felt like it, so there you are. The illustrations are really cool; they are drawn both on paper and computerised, and the combination makes the pictures quite special.


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