Soldier, Would You Like To Go Home?


Trembling behind the wall

unable to conquer his fears.

A coward, in short.


Returning to his fellow fighters

Knowing he has not

Shot a single enemy,

Fired a single bullet.

Was he brave to do that?


Wondering if,

Had he the courage to stand up straight,

To step out into the field of battle

And say no,

He could have made himself a different sort

Of hero.


But now he will never know.

Because he trembled behind a wall

Instead of striding forward

In spite of what lay ahead.


Because he did not go down fighting,

In a patriotic flash of light,

But nor did he speak against the war

The fighting and the death.


They say ignorance is bliss

And he thinks he might agree.

To not have seen the agony, the pain

That swirls in the air,

That have been gathering for months now

That seems to be here to stay,

Would be blessing indeed.



What if he is wrong?


Why don't you tell me what you think?

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