I’m Going To See The Wizard Of LOTR!

Ian Mckellen – The Wizard Himself!!!

I am extremely excited to announce that I will be attending (along with my very excited friend and my sadly ignorant mother) the Ian McKellen show in Auckland at the Q Theatre on 27th May. Luckily, we’ve already booked our seats, because the first show has sold out and the second is almost full as well. Sir Ian McKellen (an amazing British actor) has very kindly donated himself for a series of one-man shows touring New Zealand while filming the upcoming “Hobbit” to fund for the rebuilding of the Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch, and as a result, I am going to be enjoying his presence (albeit from afar) for an entire afternoon!!!

As a fan of Lord Of The Rings and Sir McKellen’s sketches on youtube, which are witty, funny and enjoyable, I am looking forward to May immensely. This will be the first time I watch Sir McKellen perform Shakespeare, not having been able to attend any of his earlier shows in New Zealand with the Shakespeare Company and being unable to find any video clips on the internet, and so I await the 27th in anticipation. I find it luckily coincidental that 27 is a multiple of nine, as it seems to make the show even more special.

This will also be my début for live shows, as apart from a school performance put on by some rather amateur actors and actresses, I have not had the pleasure of experiencing theatre. I will definitely be posting how my afternoon goes, and in the meantime, I urge you to book a ticket NOW if you’re interested, as the tickets are selling fast!! It is an event unlikely to ever be repeated.

Also, I am extremely sorry if you don’t live in New Zealand and will not be able to attend, but to be fair, Alan Rickman hasn’t visited our lovely shores yet, so we’re about square.


One thought on “I’m Going To See The Wizard Of LOTR!

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