An Ode to Ares (God Of War)

The star of Mars shines bright tonight

Defending its newly crowned victor of the wars

Celebrating the triumph of a monumental fight

‘Tween men on Earth, but also the gods amongst the stars.

Brave maiden Artemis, and wise Athena

Both stood against the winsome wiles of lovely Aphrodite.

While Zeus and his wife ruled over the arena,

‘Twas God of War, Ares the mighty


That turned the tides of battle

And granted his beloved victory.

Relics would many a man hang above their mantle

Oh yes, this battle would make history.


All of the gods had thoughts of glory and of pride

But only one had Ares on their side.


I’m entering this to a poetry competition done by, which asks for an ode to one of the Ancient Greek gods – the current one is to Ares/Mars, the god of war, but the god changes every month. Hopefully it’s alright, but I don’t rate it as a winner myself. Still, it was fun agonising over rhyming words once more, as this is written with a sonnet’s rhyme scheme, although not with iambic pentameter (I tried, but gave up after the second line). If you look at the first line, think centaurs…it will come to you – I quite like the reference myself, although subtle it is not. I’m also hoping that I’ve managed to suggest successfully that the doings of men are related to those of the gods, and that they reflect each other in some ways.


One thought on “An Ode to Ares (God Of War)

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