Privacy Policies and Other Such Documents

In early April, when I decided to get a move on and start my English internal (which is originally what this blog was meant to be), I searched the net for blogging sites, and was appalled with what I found. I began with blogspot, which a friend of mine has a blog on, and discovered while reading the Terms and Conditions that basically, what you post on blogspot can be published and used by Google…which means that whatever you posted, original work or not, could be classified as Google’s property! This is, of course, not allowing for the pretty words in which they covered the statement, but I was still shocked that such a popular blogging site had these conditions – wouldn’t users pick up on them and use a different site?

But apparently not.

When I was trawling through the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of different blogging sites, my brother came up to the computer to have a nosy (Brothers are irritating. Fact of life, I know, but I think my brother is a bit more than the usual.) and announced in a condescending tone that I was wasting time, because, really, no one reads those things anyway, so what was the point. This seems to be a common outlook, possibly because the documents in question are usually quite long and boring to read. I personally check as well as I can, because that was way I was brought up – if you’re signing something or agreeing to something, always know what the conditions are – but a lot of people simply don’t bother, which I find slightly distressing, as it means that you are not aware of the liberties that the company, site or person may taking with your agreement, work, etcetera.

So now I’m curious, wondering whether any of you read the Terms and Conditions, or whether you are among those who skipped that part of the process, and just clicked on the I have agreed button after scrolling to the bottom.


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