Kissing Contract

All Sue wanted was a kiss. One single kiss – it didn’t even have to be a proper one; a peck on the cheek would do. But nobody, it seemed, had even the slightest inclination to do so. Even on Valentine’s Day. So she, being the sensible, straight-laced girl that she was, had decided to approach the subject in a more traditional way, and take matters into her own capable (she thought) hands. Armed with a silk dress, red petticoat and a white glove (to slap him with, in case of…things) as well as the knowledge that she had him trapped either way with her proposal – if he refused, he owed her a kiss, and if he agreed, well, wasn’t kissing an ordinary, anticipated  part of being engaged?

She approached.


This was written on the 29th February, which is the traditional (and only) day when women used to be able to propose marriage, rather than the other way around, in English. The challenge was to fit in a proposal, a red petticoat, a kiss and a silk dress into one paragraph. I would be very interested in hearing if someone you know – or you – have ever done this, or had someone do it to you.


2 thoughts on “Kissing Contract

  1. Hill says:

    You are a great writer! I don’t know anyone who has done that but my favorite movie is Leap Year! 🙂 Great Story!

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