Eoin Colfer’s Writing Career In a Nutshell

I realised, after posting that mass of stuff yesterday, that some of you probably don’t even know who Eoin Colfer IS!!!

So I have set out to tell you, very shortly, just that.

Eoin Colfer is an Irish former-teacher-turned-author who in another life could have made a damn good comedian, as anyone who has heard his interviews or shows knows.

His first works were written in 1998 and 1999, a pair of books about a boy, Benny Shaw, who moves to Tunisia and makes friends with a local boy, Omar, and a second book in which Benny sets up a business with the local tomboy, Babe.

He has written several children’s myths such as the ‘The Legend of Spud Murphy’ (Which, I forgot to add in the interview page, is the book that Eoin is most proud of writing, as his son guilt tripped into writing something for him by catching him [Colfer] at the door just before he was leaving on a tour, saying that he didn’t love him, and that he loved all the other kids more because he was always visiting them, and Eoin said “Of course I don’t love them! I love you” (this made the audience laugh, as he had just proclaimed he didn’t love any of them). His son Sean, complained that he never wrote anything for him, so Eoin said that he would, and on the plane to New York he wrote ‘The Legend Of Spud Murphy’. But when he got the first copy and showed it to his son, Sean said “Father, I’m busy. I’m watching Pokémon”. And to this day, his son has never read it.)

He wrote several stand alone novels, although some may be turned into series. These include ‘The Supernaturalists’, ‘The Wish List’, ‘Half Moon Investigations’, ‘Airman’, ‘Plugged’ (his new adult crime novel) and chapter three of ‘Click’.

Eoin Colfer is most famous for his Artemis Fowl novels, which are a series about a teenage anti-hero genius who discovers and exploits The People (fairies, demons, etc.) who are extremely technologically advanced and live underground. Through the books Artemis develops a moral conscience and goes on several hair-raising adventures, becoming an ally and tentative friend with the fairies.This series has also been adapted into graphic novel form, which Eoin was very involved in making.

The Artemis Fowl series, top: US version (old), middle: UK, bottom: US version (new). There are also white editions coming out for the 10th edition anniversary of the books.

The eight and last book, ‘Artemis Fowl and The Last Guardian’, is coming out this July, and will finish the best-selling series once and for all.

The last Artemis Fowl book.

Eoin was also, in 2009, selected to write the 6th instalment of ‘The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Trilogy in 5 parts’ by the deceased Douglas Adams as a tribute, named ‘And Another Thing’. He did this very well, gaining a lot of good reviews, although he said that the pressure was horrible.

Part 6 of the Hitchhikers trilogy

He has now started writing a new series called WARP.


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