Dancing in the Rain

Staring at fields

Is a lovely past-time

Counting the sheep is one too

But nothing compares to the wind

In my hair

As I waltz on the shore

With the sea-spray

The wavelets

And the the crickets, giving us a clickety serenade.


Flowers are all well and good,

And so is having breakfast in bed.

Chocolate’s as great as anything else,

But if ever you need to decide on a gift,

What I’d recommend is a



caramel-chocolate-vanilla  sundae,

With all the toppings one can get.


Or a bag of kettle corn if you dare.


Of all the wonderful things in the world,

Like whole books on tree bark,

And swirly designs,

A dance in the rain

While wearing layers of clothes,

Is surely just as divine.


The glorious is what you think it is

So think of the tapestry,

Intricately and painstakingly  embroidered by hand,

And appreciate every thread.


This is life.




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