Are You Human????? (The Doctor Lies)

The Doctor gazed at the small screen before him, wondering what he should do. Over the years, he had come to appreciate the value of people’s lives, but now, faced with a conundrum like no other, he was forced to re-evaluate his, priorities. After all, a couple of thousand people dying was nothing compared to lying, was it? Doctors did not lie. They might bend the truth now and then, but outright lie? No. Then he thought of what Rose – brave, beautiful Rose – would say, and amended his statement. Doctors did not lie unless there was no alternative in a fatal situation, when lying would give positive results that would overpower the small sin of lying.

He clicked into the blank window on the laptop and typed in quick succession ‘AbsoLUt3 l8Te’, then pressed enter. The icon flashing ‘Please type the two words below with a space between them to verify that you are human’ disappeared, satisfied that its job had been done, because no one other than a human could type in words on a keyboard, or read. That was how it was programmed to think. The Doctor sighed, and said to himself “It was only semantics, after all. I have been human before, and retain the possibility to become human again; I’m just not one right now”. Then he shut down the laptop and left.

This little imagined excerpt from a Doctor Who episode which doesn’t exist illustrates the point of this little post – why on earth are there windows that ask you to type a few random letters and numbers to prove your humanity? Do we really think that someone with the intelligence to get to the website and click on it will have any difficulty in typing in what they see? It is just silly, in my opinion.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter, especially if you’re an alien, or an ape who has somehow managed to find their way here, can read, and is interested in the possibility of being classified as human because they could follow those instructions too.

But if you’re human, that’s all right as well.

David Tennant as the 10th Doctor.


2 thoughts on “Are You Human????? (The Doctor Lies)

  1. RoseofTARDIS says:

    I love the entry and totally agree with your thoughts on the windows that require you to type random letters. Its sillyness. From what I’ve been told though, it’s to stop automated programs from hacking into accounts without an actual human (or alien) behind the keyboard.

    • saneasiam says:

      Thanks! That makes some sense, but how would a programme know your username and password to enter your account in the first place? Because these windows always come up AFTER you’ve logged in, for some reason!

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