Megan Duncanson: Artist extraordinaire!! (aka Google Is My Friend)

As part of an art project, I had to look up an artist that uses layering, abstractionism, drips, and other techniques which John Firth Smith uses (our artist model). Of course, being technologically literate in the way of how to use the internet, I quickly googled ‘Abstract Art’ and came up with over 47 million results. As I was skimming through the images, I came across this one by Megan Duncanson, and instantly fell in love: it is extremely detailed, yet has a background which is quite abstract (it reminds me of a waterfall) that allows the viewer to exercise freedom. It is also black and white, which is great for my printing budget 🙂

Original painting by Megan Duncanson.
Unfortunately, I could not find a title for it.

I checked out her website, which you can see here, and found that I also really liked her other paintings, which she sells online at several websites. She has a very vibrant style, which I also love, and references landscapes a lot. Hope you enjoy!

Tropical Serenity by Megan Duncanson

Wild Abandon by Megan Duncanson

Afternoon Breeze by Megan Duncanson

Island Martini by Megan Duncanson

In the Spirit of Fun by Megan Duncanson


2 thoughts on “Megan Duncanson: Artist extraordinaire!! (aka Google Is My Friend)

  1. Thank you SO much for featuring my art on your Blog, I’m very, very honored!!

    All the best,

    • You’re welcome! It’s got quite a few hits, so I hope you’ve had some costumers!
      I really liked what I saw… unfortunately, I don’t live in Canada, so it would be a bit impractical to buy something.

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