Shakespeare Tolkien And You at the Q Part 3

Finally, I have reached part 3 – me!

What did I think??

Well, as you can probably tell, I loved it, as Sir Ian McKellen’s performances captivated me completely. I was definitely in awe of his amazing memory, the depth and breadth of his knowledge, as well as his ability to vary his roles so much. His voice was another high point for me – while different to Alan Rickman whose smooth, deep baritone I admire greatly, Sir Ian’s was just as mesmerising. His willingness to answer any question put his way was very courageous in my opinion, as I value privacy quite highly, and his quick humour and inviting and intelligent manner of speech made the show highly enjoyable. His bright, twinkling blue eyes (Dumbles look-a-like alert) added a mischievousness to his appearance, and I could only describe him as spry.

After the show was over, having said,laughingly, that he would “do anything for money”, Sir Ian came down for autographs AND (this surprised me) photographs. My friends got their bag and wallet signed (no idea why) with a permanent marker – hopefully his name won’t fade. I got my sheet signed instead, and my friend and I went to get a photo with him. After waiting in line for a bit (we got there quite fast) we finally made it to the front of the queue, and we each stood by his side, half embracing him. Unfortunately, my slightly harassed mother (the crowd was a bit pushy) pressed the off button instead of the ‘take photo’ button, so we didn’t actually get a photo, sadly 😦

I did take this photo once I got home, but it wasn’t really the same.

My signed copy of the brochure given. Not the same, I realise, but it’s all I have, as even the photos of me holding it came out very badly.


And that was my spiffingly fantabulistic experience. If you went, I’d love to hear from you; if you didn’t, I’d still love to hear your thoughts, and if you’ve seen him act before, I’d especially enjoy hearing your opinions and experiences. (Yes, I do realise that no one will read this lengthy post in three parts, let alone answer, but it’s polite to talk to imaginary commenters!)



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