The Cold Has Come

The weather here in New Zealand has gradually been getting cooler, and although it is not officially winter until the day after tomorrow, it has already began at my house, as the fireplace has been lit for the very first time this year. Our fireplace is great for late-night marshmellows, as it is both a closed and open one, and it is quite large, although you may not be able to tell from the photo, with just one big disadvantage – it sends all the heat up the chimney. This means we have to use an air conditioner fan to propel the warm air back into the house, causing a loud and consistent humming noise to become part of the evenings cacophony (which already includes whining children, shouting and exasperated parents, sizzling cooking and the piercing shrieks of cockateils).

So, to all New Zealanders – winter has arrived with a frosty countenance – put on your polyprops, get your thick winter duvets out and try to survive school uniforms!

And if you live in the northern hemisphere, consider yourselves very lucky that you’re in summer at the moment, bask in the sun while you can, and post pictures of the warmth while you can.

Our lovely little fireplace, blazing brightly and sending all warmth to the sky – our love to the world.


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