I Am Obviously A Rookie!

Well, I have just been completely overloaded. While paging through blog entries for something interesting, I came across a post recommending the online magazine Rookie, which the 43 year old blogger described as the modern Sassy, which was the teenage magazine that she read, except better. Of course, I had to check the mag out, because while I don’t read Creme, Girlfriend, Dolly etcetera, I do like to leaf through them occasionally to see what’s actually being written about (and to admire Emma Watson, coincidentally). Well, the website is really colourful, both in images and in content, and I’ve just spent the last hour, I think, reading all sorts of different stuff. Very interesting.And there are a lot of valid points, and positive advice that is very useful to people (judging by all the comments).

I feel as if there’s a corner of my brain that’s been put into use, because before this, I had absolutely no idea about some of these things. I really loved the photography by Mark Sharkey, which was intriguing and very different from anything I’ve seen before. Bit of an eye-opening experience, you could say. And, I learnt heaps of different terms – for example transmasculine, and the difference between queer and gay. And pansexual. There’s definitely some very important issues covered, but they are done so in a tactful (or in your face but in a good way), humorous manner. Apparently, every teenage girl should read it. I think boys would possibly benefit as well, and PhD researchers (possibly).

And now, to bed!!

Wish this was mine!


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