A Lonely Tweet From A Sad Birdy (She Was Outside Your Window, But You Closed The Curtain)

Staring blankly at the screen

Because there is nothing else to do

What point is there in trying,

When nothing seems to woo

An audience from the many

Who browse the internet all day.

Why do they not notice, all my

Brilliant tweets and posts?

Though I do take special attention,

To say thanks to those who comment.

Yet they dwindle day by day


For where there used to be a hundred,

There is now a one.

What have I done to deserve this –

A computerised neglect?

I have been isolated

By my fellows and my twitter peers

I’ve tried to say things about

Contemporary stuff

Like the MTV awards,Which HP didn’t win (why????).

Is this why you all mock me,

With your silence and your lack of likes?

Because I don’t like Twilight?

I’m sorry, but I don’t.

The things that I could say,

About the quality of writing…

(Or lack thereof.)

So, just saying it’s fine by me,

If you never leave,

And we can stay like this,

Soaring ‘cross the hundred marks,


– Yes, it’d be fine by me –

So please don’t leave.

Well, I just have to say that this plea is NOT in my perspective, although there may be a couple of lines that are mine (WHY????). Also, I may have borrowed a couple of lines from a song which is stuck in my head because it’s been playing on the radio a lot.


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