And The House Cup Goes To…. (Ravenclaw!!!!!)

Unfortunately, this may not be the likeliest outcome in  Pottermore’s award ceremony of the House Cup. This highly prestigious award, given out every year (only not quite in Pottermore-land) has been announced:

At the moment, Slytherin is winning with 67,684,468 points, but Gryffindor is not far behing with 67,671,064 points. Unfortunately, Ravenclaw is coming third by a bit of a margin with only 66,644,888 points. However, if you take into account that Ravenclaw has the least number of members by far – 735,890 members compared with Gryffindor’s 821,469 members – you come to realise that should the houses be of equal size, Ravenclaw would be winning.

Too bad the house cup isn’t won like that!

However, I have good news! Being one of ALL FOUR houses, it doesn’t really matter which one wins! (It still counts even though I deleted my other accounts, right?) So while I would love it if Ravenclaw somehow won, it’s all right if it doesn’t, too.

In a spate of OMyPotternessIMustAidMyHouseAndWin, I have been logging onto Pottermore almost daily to fit in a few duels and a potion, but so far it hasn’t been helping much. Neither does the fact that my dueling really does, in fact, suck (For lack of  a better word). If someone has a tip other than click on the letter when the beam is directly in the centre and then click again when the circle surrounding it is at its peak, I would be very appreciative, as I already do this and still seem to end up with 137 every time.

Good Luck,

fellow bloggers and pottermore(rs)!!!!

And let the best House win (i.e. mine 🙂 )


9 thoughts on “And The House Cup Goes To…. (Ravenclaw!!!!!)

  1. Aurelia says:

    I never did figure out how Gryffindor manage to pass Ravenclaw in points. It happened in just a couple of days too. I guess it is because the lions have way more people, but as Jeyna said, the snakes had the least amount of people in beta and still managed to compete with the claws for the top spot. Hm…..I wish PM would let us know how their point system works exactly lol!

    Listening to songs help me with my timing and helps me duel 143s and above? It works for some people ^_^ Good luck

    • I think that when we were in beta, because there were less people, whoever worked the hardest got the most points. But now it’s open to the public and Gryffindor has such a large number of members, even if each member didn’t earn thousands of points, they are still more likely to win than a house that doesn’t have as many members.
      Songs? What type? I tried the Beatles, but I was a bit too busy singing along than focusing on my timing 😉 Thanks though!

      • Aurelia says:

        Love the Beatles! My friends think I’m old for singing those songs though LOL. I like “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble. I have no idea why it works for me, but it just does haha ^_^

        • I quite like that song, although I often find that the tune is better than the lyrics!
          Yeah, all my friends think I’ve been born in the wrong decade, although I do like some contemporary artists. I think I might stick to no music, though, because it’s a bit distracting, as I try to sing along.

  2. Jeyna Grace says:

    Hmmm.. when beta started, the slytherins had the lowest number of people and yet on top, competing with ravenclaw. So.. gryffindor shouldnt win. My justification is not valid.. but gryffindor shouldnt win. LOL

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