Tingly And Numb

Today I had the absolute pleasure of being removed from my history class and sent to Luminos, the moving school dentists’ caravan. Apart from missing an important lesson, I had the added advantage of having a filling done!

Now, I’m not sure you’ve ever had to endure this experience, but I can tell you, it’s not the most pleasant in the world. First off, you have to be injected with anesthetics, which hurts, by the way, and is also extremely uncomfortable (especially as the needle stays in you mouth for over a minute and the anesthetics doesn’t wear off when it’s meant to, which is what happened to me). Then, you have to keep your mouth open for about 20 minutes while the dentist drills a hole in your tooth and then fills it up with the filling. It’s probably a lot more complicated than this, and there are a lot of contraptions involved, but yeah. This is what happened to me today – yay! I have a permanent reminder that brushing your teeth thoroughly twice a day and eating healthy food is not always enough. I can’t say I’m happy about this.

So to reward myself, I went on some Harry Potter websites… and discovered this really cool interview and some videos about Jessie Cave, whose awesome website Pindippy.com I’ve visited as well.

What do you think about having a Harry Potter remake? This is one of the questions asked in the video, and I think I probably agree with Evanna Lynch’s answer. Especially when she says she’d love to be part of it. I assume, since the actors were actually IN the movies, they are even more attached than we, the audience, are.

Also, there is a really AMAZING competition for Harry Potter lovers open from Bloomsbury. Unfortunately, it’s only open to UK and Irish citizens =( I wish I were one!

The winner of the competition gets free entry to Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Lucky them!


2 thoughts on “Tingly And Numb

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Ah.. im not British or Irish either… sighs*

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