Pottermore Meets My Brother

I’ve been trying to convince my brother to get a Pottermore account for ages….and today, he finally caved!

We quickly whizzed through the chapters, me trying to get him to appreciate the amazing graphics, and him just impatiently clicking on stuff to collect. Then, after going shopping for school equipment, it was time to face the first test – wand choosing.

My brother got a really, really awesome wand.

My brother’s wand. Isn’t he lucky?? I think so.

Not only did he get PHOENIX FEATHER, the core which is rarest and (in my humble opinion) the best (unfortunately (I was really annoyed) none of my four wands were phoenix feather), he also got English Oak.

English Oak

A wand for good times and bad, this is a friend as loyal as the wizard who deserves it. Wands of English oak demand partners of strength, courage and fidelity. Less well-known is the propensity for owners of English oak wands to have powerful intuition, and, often, an affinity with the magic of the natural world, with the creatures and plants that are necessary to wizardkind for both magic and pleasure. The oak tree is called King of the Forest from the winter solstice up until the summer solstice, and its wood should only be collected during that time (holly becomes King as the days begin to shorten again, and so holly should only be gathered as the year wanes. This divide is believed to be the origin of the old superstition, “when his wand’s oak and hers is holly, then to marry would be folly,” a superstition that I have found baseless). It is said that Merlin’s wand was of English oak (though his grave has never been found, so this cannot be proven).

That is such an awesome wand wood!!! At least, I think so. I wish it were mine…

Also, his length – 9 3/4 – is really cool, because of Platform 9 3/4.


Then, to prove his utter brilliance and the magnificence of his personality, he became a hatstall!!! Now, I’ve gotten into all four houses entirely on my own merit (as in, no manipulation involved), but I never got a hatstall. And he went and got some really cool questions, including the goblet drinking one, and then the Sorting Hat asked him if he preferred Slytherin or Hufflepuff. I almost died of shock – my brother, a potential HUFFLEPUFF??? He’s the most manipulative, sly, competitive little brat that I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet. If he is a Hufflepuff, I will eat my hat!

Luckily, he seemed to agree with my silent tirade, as he chose Slytherin.

But really, how lucky and is that???

Needless to say, I was, and still am, jealous.


Have you had a similar experience? I’d love to hear some

Let’s call me Lily


2 thoughts on “Pottermore Meets My Brother

  1. Franka says:

    I was a hatstall as well XD. The hat asked me to choose between Ravenclaw and Slytherin. I went on to become a serpent. >:)

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