HPDH Part 2 NZ Premiere – 1 Year Anniversary

So, it’s currently 2:35 am NZ time, and I’ve just finished bawling my eyes out at the first screening of HPDH2 that I’ve seen on DVD. I’m at a friend’s house, because my parents weren’t too excited about being kept up all night, and we’ve just finished watching the two DH films back-to-back. At times, we (I) screamed about how “that didn’t happen!”, and other such abuse at David Yates and Steve Klovis….

But the films are amazing. Above are some pictures (from the very helpful Pottiness pictures folder) which I think could describe a few of my feelings right now. Ignore the bad spelling on the pie chart please, it wasn’t me. I’ve stuck with Harry until the very end, and now, on this day, I celebrate the magical phenomenon that is Harry Potter, and which touched so many hearts and minds. This post is just to commemorate my experience, in the hopes that in the future, I will be able to add more. And to say THANK YOU to everyone who was ever involved in the films and the books, even though sometimes I got mad at all the little things I personally thought they got wrong.



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