Harry Potter Pinteresting

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These are a small selection of really cool images that I have found on three Pinterest sites – HP, All Things Potter and Geek Out – Harry Potter.

They are all, as you can probably tell by the names, about Harry Potter. There are some really awesome things, including amazing drawings/paintings, jewellery to make you go potty, and funny youtube clips.

I’ve only just discovered pinterest, but it seems like a really cool thing. I do have one question – how does it differ from tumblr? As far as I can tell, it’s just a more orderly version. Although there is possibly more focus on images rather than words.

I am debating on getting one of these, to keep all the Harry Potter stuff I seem to be collecting in one place, rather than on 5 or 6 different computers (which makes it really inconvenient if I’m ever looking for something specific) If any of you own a pinterest, could you please take the time to tell about it’s advantages and disadvantages? Thanks!

Let’s call me Lily

By the way, my last post may have been fuelled by adrenaline and emotion, so sorry if I didn’t quote make sense. I did restrain myself, I promise!


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