Expecto Patronum! Stands against the Pottermore Cheaters

I definitely agree with this. Although, I’m not sure how Pottermore will stop people from having multiple accounts, or losing duels and potions on purpose.
As Ravenclaw, I stand with the Slytherins – let’s be smarter than this, and try to have fun, not wreck people’s experiences on Pottermore.

Expecto Patronum!

Yesterday, ElmBlade43 posted about Pottermore and Cheating on her Blog of a Pottermore Beta. Expecto Patronum! stands in solidarity with Elm in the campaign against cheating on Pottermore.

In addition to the blatant example that Elm cites, I have seen numerous attempts to use the Great Hall as a place to coordinate efforts to help or hurt another House. During the run-up to the Inaugural House Cup, I witnessed some “Ravenclaws” and “Hufflepuffs” announce in the Great Hall that they were giving easy duels to Gryffindor to help in the battle against Slytherin. As a dueler, I have personally seen some “Ravenclaws” and “Gryffindors” whose accounts were obviously set up with the intent to help Slytherin. And I have heard from Gryffindor duelers that they have seen “Slytherins” obviously helping Gryffindor. All this in addition to the “Slytherin” accounts set up with intent to blow up cauldrons and lose…

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