Go To Sleep, Little Bear

I have a little brother,

Whom I have to babysit,

“Nighty – night” I tell him,

As I point towards the bed.

“Brush your teeth and go to sleep”

My pointing finger shouts

Why must I have this battle,

Almost every night?


At last, and hour late at that,

He finally deigns to drop his book,

And stroll over to the shower.

It takes another one, before he is in pyjamas,

Yet when I mention

That he could be a little faster

He merely grins at me


Walks a little slower than before.


On the nights I babysit,

I always seem to wish

That my little brother was

Just a little littler,

So that I could read him

A Little Bear story,

And watch him drift off to sleep each time

As tiredness overcame him.


But unfortunately he’s not,

He’s quite a bit too big;

He’s almost 13 now

And really, really should be asleep by now

Except that he is not.



Not one of my best efforts, but it’s late, and my brother is an annoying prat. Good night, everyone!


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