A Compilation of Events

Yesterday, the 23rd of July 2012, was a very important day. For one, it was Daniel Radcliffe’s 23rd birthday!! Fans all over the world have wished the young star a happy birthday, from  co-star Emma Watson to anonymous twitterers. So, I just thought I’d recap on his (very full) career. He egan his acting career in 1999 as Young David Copperfield, first meeting Dame Maggie Smith, who went on to play in the Harry Potter series with him as Professor McGonagoll. Since then he has been in another 12 movies, a West End play (Equus)and a Broadway play (How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying), as well as in a Simpsons episode (Treehouse of Horror XXI, 2010) and two Harry Potter TV specials.

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He currently has two features in post-production – Kill Your Darlings and the TV series A Young Doctor’s Notebook – and three movies in pre-production – Horns, The F-Word and Pinocchio.

That is a lot of hard work, for someone who is just 23 years old! I wish my career had that many milestones (there are none).

But yesterday was also a sad day.

Margaret Mahy, an extremely prolific New Zealand authoress, died yesterday in Christchurch, aged 76, from cancer. One of New Zealand’s most beloved writers, Mahy was a talk-worthy topic in both newspapers and on the radio today as people like David Shearer (leader of the Labour Party), Jack Lasenby and Fleur Beale (two other well-known New Zealand authors) mourned her loss. Mahy wrote over 100 works, including children’s stories and young adult novels. She was commemorated as one of the 12 Local Heroes of Christchurch in 2009, and a bronze bust of her was created in her honour. For her contributions to children’s literature she was made a member of the Order of New Zealand and also held an honorary doctorate from the University of Canterbury . She received almost every accolade in children’s literature, from the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Award last year and its predecessor the Goodman Fielder Wattie Award, to the Esther Glen Medal, to the international Carnegie Medal twice (the only non-British author to receive this award) to the Hans Christian Anderson Award.

I personally read quite a few of her books, and my little sister enjoyed them in her turn. You can read this article to gain a clearer understanding of who she was to the wider community of New Zealand

Also, yesterday commemorates the death of Amy Winehouse, who died from alcohol poisoning a year ago at the age of 27 .


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