100th Post Hooray!

Wow! I started this blog just under four months ago with the intention to do a couple of English assessments and maybe write a couple of things so that instead of collecting piles of bad paper poetry, I could air it out and save some trees, never expecting that someone would actually come across it and read my stuff…

Fast forward to today, and I’ve had 739 views! :0 So thank you all for browsing and commenting and liking!

I did actually have a topic in mind for this post, but now I’ve forgotten it, so instead I’ll just share something that has changed my opinion about Brave.

Merida was Pixar’s first heroine! So congratulations to them, and to girl power!

The topic I’ve forgotten is really bugging me. I’ll probably be awake at 3 in the morning, tossing and turning because I couldn’t deliver to my anxiously awaiting audience (that’s you, by the way).

But for now,

Until next time,

Let’s call me – wait! AHA!!!! I’ve remembered!

Lucky you, readers, because I would really, really like your opinion on something!

I googled my blog yesterday, just to see if something would come up, and to my consternation, dozens of tumblrs popped up, all with names like justas-sane-as-i-am, or urjuastassaneasiam or some such variation of Luna Lovegood’s famous quote in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix “you’re just as sane as I am”, when she tries to reassure Harry regarding his being able to see Thestrals.

Well, I have to admit, mine is kind of a play on words of this quote fragment, as I liked the way you could say it confidently, for example, at the start of a sentence: Sane as I am, I can say that Hogwarts does truly exist. I’ve found it. But you can also say it in a different tone, which completely changes the meaning of the phrase, in my opinion. As if you’re wondering about your sanity.

I like my name. I wouldn’t like to change it. At first, I thought, maybe something like Nearly Sane, so it retains a bit of the original element. But that’s a band’s name, and it’s taken. So now I face a Dilemma change it, or don’t?

What do you think? I’d really value your take and ideas, as one, you actually take the time to read this blog, and two, I’m really on the fence with this one.

Thanks a bunch,

Let’s call me Lily


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