MISTAKE!!! (My Over Reaction)

I have an extremely lucky friend – she went to the Leavesdon Studio Tour last school holidays as she toured around the U.K. with her family. Not only did she visit lots of Harry Potter landmarks such as King’s Cross Station, she also got to take the “Making of Harry Potter” Warner Bro’s London Studio Tour!!!! I was avidly looking through her ‘passport’ and Official Studio Tour Guide, when I noticed an error! I was amazed!!!

It’s on the page that describes the “now iconic” Hogwarts bridge, which didn’t feature in any of the novels, or the original scripts, but was added in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and then used in other films. Well, at the bottom left of the page is a photo of Harry and Hermione on the bridge laughing. It’s the scene in Goblet of Fire when Hermione describes Krum as “more of a physical being”, saying “we don’t talk much”. Harry looks at Hermione, and she realised how what she said could be interpreted as, and they both end up laughing.

But in the photo caption, it says that the picture is from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! So I was just a little bit surprised. I suppose it’s just a typo.


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