Michael Phelps and NZ Olympics: A Comparison

After hearing on the radio that the legendary Michael Phelps was doing his last Olympic race ever, I raced to the computer, and was ASTOUNDED by the awe-inspiring number of medals that he has. This article talks about Phelps’ success, and also compares his medals to those of entire COUNTRIES. Apparently, he is the 36th most successful ‘country’ in the Summer Olympics! I think it’s absolutely incredible. And he’s not even 30 years old! (btw, does anyone know if he’s at all related to James and Oliver Phelps, the actors who play Fred and George Weasley?)

Which got me to the NZ medal scores so far. We’re in for around a total of 11 medals by then end of the Games, according to what people say, but who knows? It would still only be HALF of Phelps number. At the moment, we New Zealanders have earned:

3 gold medals and 3 bronze in rowing, 1 bronze medal in equestrian, and 1 bronze medal on the cycling track, a total of 7 medals.

You can check more out at the NZ Olympics page  where there are also the upcoming events and the competitors, as well as some facts and  gorgeous mugshots of the total athletes competing.


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