A Busy Week

Sorry for being a bit neglectful this week – I sat down a couple of times and tried to write something, but everything I’d considered just kept flying out of my head. It’s been, as you can see from the title, a bit of a busy week for me, what with an exam, a couple of internal results given back, the start of another internal, and the frantic attempts to finish off another one, and the realisation that my Mock Externals (oh portents of evil do I foresee) are only 3 WEEKS AWAY!!! And I haven’t written my notes, or started studying or writing practise essays, or ANYTHING. So there was a bit of panic going round my head too.

I am also trying to read about 5 books at once, including Lord Of The Rings (for the second time), and keep up with my homework, and try not to procrastinate too much. It isn’t really working – as is obvious, from my slight absence and the lack of productivity on the English front. The good news is, I’ve finished a couple of the books, including The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (yes, I finally got it – or rather, the waiting list finally narrowed down to me) by Stephen Chbosky – another of my 1.10 texts – I really can’t wait to see the movie, as the trailer looks great, and it’s got Emma Watson in it.

Speaking of Emma Watson,  I still can’t find that blog entry I wrote – which is rather annoying. Maybe luck will strike me next week. Or maybe I’ll just re-write it, for the third time.

As for The Lord Of The Rings, I’m up to Book 6, so not too far to go, and the really cool thing is that we’re watching the films – yes ALL THREE of the 3 hour-long films – in media studies at school, since we’re studying the conventions of High Fantasy films, and one of them is the Hero’s quest, which is part of the plot, which means we have to watch the whole movie to understand the plot. As The Lord Of The Rings is really just one tale split into three, we have the privilege of watching all three films (because LOTR is really a classic High Fantasy film/book).

On top of this, last week was Freedom Challenge Week, so I helped organise a protest against forced evictions in Cambodia and the occupied West Bank, and encourage people to sign postcards and a foot-petition to show their support of Amnesty International’s cause for Freedom Challenge this year. My Human Rights group was running it, and basically we created a cardboard house that could fir 5 and put it in the middle of the study hall. On the Tuesday, 5 volunteers spent the whole day in the “house”, and couldn’t come out until they’d sold all their Amnesty badges and bracelets. It was very successful at raisning awareness, especially as we spoke about it in assemblies and everyone could see the “house” in all its glory.

It was also media week, so on Wednesday I joined in the media quiz on Wednesday lunchtime (didn’t win), did the tiring scavenger hunt during Thursday lunchtime (won that – yay!!), and went to a screening on 2 Nights, 1 Car, a short film (I thought it was boring, personally) this lunchtime. Today was also Dress Up As A Superhero Day, and as I didn’t have a proper undies-and-tights costume, I wore a suit with a name tag saying “Clark Kent, Reporter” on it, swapped my glasses and tried to comb my unruly hair, and wore a Superman T-Shirt underneath. I also carried around a clipboard saying “Definitely NOT a superhero in disguise” on it, in case someone didn’t get the message. It was fun!

So I’ve been a bit overwhelmed, I guess. My brain certainly thought so this morning, as I think I left it in bed – I had to use my fingers to count to three, forgot everybody’s names and which classes I was meant to have, spoke in spoonerisms and neologisms, and included er, umm, thingy-majig, you know, and frantic arm-waving to get across points in my not very extensive repertoire of words to try to talk coherently all day (it didn’t work), and other things like that. I also got a head ache.

Yes, did I mention that I have been sick?? I was, and still am, a bit. Trust me, gargling vinegar twice a day is not fun. Add blocked ears and a stuffy nose to that itchy throat, and you’ve got my classic cold combination – something not catching, really irritating, but not quite enough to get you out of school.


Well. That was a bit of a splurge. I don’t think I’m doing great – run on sentences are sneaking up on me at alarming rates – but hopefully you’ve gathered what my week was like. I hope yours was as great and eventful as mine was.

And maybe tomorrow I’ll stop procrastinating and actually post something that looks more tempting to read than this brain dump.

Let’s call me Lily,

In hope of a better day


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