The Dark Knight Rises: Nando’s For Lunch!

Today, for the first time in my life, I ate Nando’s, a popular New Zealand chain that sells all sorts of spicy chicken – chicken burgers, chicken tenderloins, chicken in a wrap etc, etc. So on my journey of discovery, I had to choose how spicy my chicken was going to be. There were five levels: Lemon and Herbs, Mild, Medium, Hot, and Very Hot.

As I was feeling adventurous, and I didn’t particularly feel like eating chicken with lemon, I asked the waitress how mild the Mild was, and she assured me that it was, indeed, very mild. So, I ordered a mild. It was not MILD!!! Not in my books, anyway. My eyes were watering, and I had an abrupt coughing fit as my poor sensitive taste buds were overwhelmed with spicy peri-peri sauce. But, it was really nice once I got over that, and I think that I will be visiting Nando’s again at some stage. Not that I’ll be ordering Mild next time. No way. I’m going for the lemon and herbs next time.

Some Slight Spoilers Ahead about The Dark Knight Rises, BEWARE

The Dark Knight Rises movie poster

Today I also went to see the long awaited (4 years) Dark Knight Rises!!!!!

One thing that really amazed me was Anne Hathaway’s performance. I’ve seen her in several films, including Get Smart and Alice In Wonderland, and never thought she was a good actress, or that her roles really suited her. So I wasn’t expecting much from her as Selina Kyle – ostensibly Catwoman hopping over from the Spiderman universe, although her stage name is never mentioned. And I was happily surprised when Anne Hathaway showed up, toting insanely high heels that served a purpose, oozing with subtle sensuality – no bras or whips in this version of Catwoman, thank the Nolan – and ready with a sharp, witty remark for every occasion, as well as a kick or a punch. She portrayed Catwoman very well, and I enjoyed all of her scenes – a first for me.

What did I think of the film?

At first, when I saw that Bruce Wayne was crippled (for lack of a better word), I was surprised, as I hadn’t remembered it from the last movie. That thought pretty much nagged at me the entire time I saw him with a cane. Can anyone explain? I’m assuming that his injuries in his last fight with Harvey Dent and the Joker in The Dark Knight didn’t heal well or something, but I’m not sure.

Well, overall, it’s a great movie. I agree with what most people have been saying – I think that The Dark Knight was better – but I don’t agree with some of the reviews which have cut the film to the ground, giving it no quarters.  There is a bit of dilly-dallying in the middle, including a rather cheesy rain and fire love scene that really served no purpose and was also quite out of character, but nothing’s perfect, I guess. The scenes with Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, Wayne’s butler, were very emotional, and I felt that they were played very well, drawing the audience in and making them even more invested in Batman – and Wayne’s – wellbeing  and the resolution of the trilogy. The scenes that Wayne has with the “rookie” cop, Blake, are also like this, but in a different way. We see Wayne gaining hope and coming out from his secluded shell to defend Gotham City once more, and teaching the new kid his tricks, which are mainly, and I quote (er, paraphrase) “wearing a mask isn’t about protecting you. It’s about protecting the people you care about”. This movie isn’t really about Batman rising again, although that’s what happens (I’m assuming this isn’t too much of a spoiler for you), it’s really about Bruce Wayne rising from his morbid brooding of the past and forging his way on, without forgetting or moving on.

As for the ending…well. Well, well, well. I, personally, liked it very much – it had some very good closure without being too definite, if that makes sense at all. The music was great – it just kept building and building – and then there was the final crescendo – I think that the score contrived to reflect the mood extremely successfully. I’m not quite sure how Wayne managed to escape – we see him in The Bat 5 seconds before the blast, although we later find out that he fixed the autopilot. And yay – Robin the replacement rises! Literally. But only kind of – vaguely. So I liked the ending.


Now, here are two comprehensive reviews that completely contradict each other. One is good, the other critiques the film very harshly. I found it quite funny that there can be such different views.

What are your thoughts? Did you prefer the older series, or Tim Burton’s trilogy, maybe?

Those were mine.

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