A Moment Of Understanding

Don’t you just love it when you have a person who, whatever it is that you’re talking about, they’ll know about it and understand?
I have a person like that, and it’s so awesome when we just start a conversation, on a completely random topic – absolutely unrelated to whatever it is we’ve just been discussing – and we’ll immediately be on same page. It helps that she’s interested in a lot of the same things that I am.

Take, for example, our mutual knowledge and love of all things Harry Potter. We’ll be talking about anything – love, friendship, themes, books, movies – and eventually, one, or both of us will bring out our ultimate example – the beloved and bemoaned Harry Potter series. Only, we won’t say “in Harry Potter…”, or “you know that part in the Harry Potter series…”; we’ll just plunge straight into it with “in the sixth one…” or “the Aragog scene was…”. And the other will absolutely know what the other is going on about! We don’t have to ask what sixth one? or who Aragog is; we know. It’s the same with other things as well. And I think that this type of understanding and connection is what humans seek in social interaction. After all, don’t we all want to be ‘understood’?

Which brings me onto my next topic – texting, emailing, and other forms of communication. Personally, I find that talking on the phone is awkward – whereas in a physical conversation there are normal pauses that are comfortably empty, on the phone I have this urge to fill in the gaps. Also, it’s a bit odd to call and say hi. Because calling is actively doing something – it needs a purpose! In a conversation, you’re both there, not maybe-busy-doing-something-else-I-hope-I-didn’t-disturb-you, and the purpose of your meeting is to talk/hang out together. Oddly, I enjoy emailing the most. When I email, usually, I just write what I want to – as if I am talking to the person, and waiting for their reply. That means ums, ers, lots of p.s. ‘s and rejoinders to things I wrote way up at the top of the email. And emails to the same person a couple of seconds later because I forgot something that I wanted to say and remembered it a bit too late.  A bit like a stream of consciousness exercise.
Of course, I don’t do it with everyone, but the people I do tend to reply in the same way, albeit usually in a more organised manner, as their brains are much less scattered than mine. So it’s really like a conversation, only it takes a while for the person to answer.

As for texting. Well, I can see the advantages, but as I’m very slow at texting and I abhor text language, as it annoys me and I don’t recognise words unless they’re really simple like l8er and 4, and because I also have this thing for grammar and spelling, because I’m a hypocrite who had to edit other people’s work back in year 7 and who now has the urge to correct any mistake that they see. (I’m not reading over that sentence; I’m sure it’s a minefield).

So, this brings me to the end of this post. I hope that some of you exclaimed excitedly as I made very deep and meaningful remarks that caused you to woop because finally you’d found a similar opinion to your own, or you started arguing heatedly with the screen because I am just a dumb sheep who doesn’t see how great texting and phone-calling really is.

Either way, share your thoughts, and I’d love to hear if you have ever had a friend/partner/enemy/person that knew exactly what you were ranting about, no matter what the time was.

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