Disappointment is a Killer

So, yesterday at 5pm the Bloomsbury Australia and New Zealand Harry Potter Competition winners were announced.

And, unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them. “Bloody hell!”

“I confess myself…disappointed.” Very disappointed. Devastated, even.

But congratulations to the lucky winners anyway.

To see who the winners were, you can visit Bloomsbury’s Facebook page, where they have pictures of the winning entrants.

And to check out who won a trip to Orlando, and the runners up of the UK and Ireland competition, you can also visit Bloomsbury’s UK and Ireland Harry Potter competition page.

The winner was:

Alissa Howard, a 17-year-old from Somerset, has been selected as the UK and Ireland’s biggest Harry Potter fan. Her entry was chosen as the best in the recent competition run by Bloomsbury to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling.

Alissa’s entry was selected from over 6,000 posted in bookshops and libraries throughout the UK and Ireland. Alissa’s piece stood out for the originality in her poetic wording and in her colourful and neat artwork. Her last line of “You inspired a generation, now that’s magical” was especially loved.

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