I Don’t See Any Stars Tonight

What time is it?
Already 3:00 AM?
I could have sworn the clock struck
just a minute or two before
but obviously not
it now reads 3:02
It’s early in the morning
and the rooms are very dark.

The sky isn’t black;
it’s an orangy, musky purply-blue
and the clouds look like those
of ash and fire,
is if burning softly from within.

I shouldn’t be awake right now
my parents would be mad
But they are both asleep,
as I ought to be but aren’t
And the ticking of the clock,
And the quiet, creaking sighs,
And the comparatively loud zzzzzzzzz of the computer and its keys being pressed down
Are oh-so tempting –
they lure me in.

Just one more minute, they seem to plead
It won’t hurt;
you’re not tired anyway.

And that is why
after dawn, when the sun has risen,
I will still be found,
hunched and curled up from the cold,
scrolling down the screen.


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