Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Chapters 5 – 11, Live Blog

For Hermione’s birthday, we get the oh-so-lovely surprise of new chapters!

I’ve just gotten past chapter 5, where, I’ve collected a whole heap of potion ingredients (although Snape’s office only had Spines of Lionfish and Eel’s eyes, which was disappointing 😦 ) and I’m making my through chapter 6.What’s wierd is that I couldn’t find the fluxweed, while others have…oh well, maybe it’ll reload for me later. Updated note: after brewing the swelling solution, you can get into Snape’s personal stores and find boomslang skin and the horn of a bicorn. Also, to get the fluxweed, you must get the car hit at least 6 times, and wait until the picture zooms out.

As to where and how to find all the objects available, please refer to Elm Blade’s blog, who does it magnificently – I’ll be adding my thoughts there as well. Although, she seems to have crashed. Never mind, she’s back up – she lists how to get everything really well.

Chapter 6

  • Well, the burning process of Ron’s Howler was pretty awesome, and the feather I found is tres fluffy! I’m noticing that there are quite a lot more levels to these new chapter moments – yay!
  • Wow, those screeches are nerve-wracking! Especially as they sound every time you pass your mouse over the Mandrakes… I love Neville’s pink earmuffs! I hope they’ll be useful someday. I’m getting quite a lot of Valerian sprigs – I wonder which potion we’ll need them for. I really hope we get to brew Polyjuice later in the book! In fact, the Herbology is chock-full of objects to grab!
  • Oh no!! Peskipiski pesternomi! We have to get as many pixies as we can back into their cage! This will take me a while…but you get a chocolate frog card as a reward!
  • Actually, scratch that – I got 9 out of 10 in, that’s good enough for me. Especially since the wand isn’t manoeuvering very well, and getting stuck a lot! The portraits move away from the wand though, which is great.

Chapter 7

  • Urgh – the slugs slopping out of Ron’s mouth are grossly animated…but what’s this? Draco Malfoy is a pure-blood! Read all about it by clicking on him (he’s right there in the top right corner, blonde haired and rofling) A lot of the Sacred Twenty Eight family names are very familiar to us…
  • And if you double-click, knot grass grows!
  • Yummy – we get Gilderoy’s gorgeous photograph, and his signing utensils! Also, as you click, the hours pass as Harry continues his detention – past midnight…

Chapter 8

  • Ooh..I adore the dancing ghosts! All of the moments are beautifully drawn and animated!
  • Now, to find Peeves…Yes! Found him – he’s hiding under the table on the third zoom, below the jet black candle!
  • The mood may be grim, but I’m 5 galleons richer! collect them at the scene of the crime, on the left – they’re in a pile. There’s also a couple of things hidden in the dark – just wave the cursor around til you get lucky!
  • We’ve got quite short chapters, but they more than make up for it in content!

Chapter 9

  • Info on the Hogwart’s ghosts, although there’s not much new there, apart from how the Fat Friar died… maybe it’ll add stuff on as we proceed through the books, as right now it doesn’t tell the story of the Bloody Baron or the Grey Lady.
  • By gosh, there are lots in this moment! A galleon, a quill, a book, a bertie bott’s every flavour bean, a homework scroll…lots! It zooms out thrice – and Hermione’s sticking her hand up, as always!
  • In contrast, Moaning Myrtle’s moment is completely empty – no zooms, no nothing! You have to wipe the mirror down! That’s how to do it! Very complex; well done Pottermore! Then, zoom into the mirror and collect some leeches!

Chapter 10

  • Rolling on!
  • Give Madam Pince Gilderoy’s signature, and Moste Potente Potions is yours! Then scour the rubbish bin for a bean and a card! Nothing in the draw though.
  • Nothing to do but zoom in the second moment – not even catch the snitch for Harry!
  • Dumbledore opens the camera when you run your mouse over him, and you also find some poppy heads.

Chapter 11

  • Ohh, I love the turquoise smoke!

Okay, sorry guys, I may have to take a break – I have to brew a Swelling Solution before I continue…it may take a while.  And I have to buy Putterfish eyes, whatever they are.

But I’ll continue as soon as I can!

  • The next moment is another test – this time of spell knowledge! On each zoom, you click on a certain wandtip, and either you have to guess the meaning or the spelling of a spell…nothing too hard. And that’s that for now!

One thought on “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Chapters 5 – 11, Live Blog

  1. Sweet post! I’m currently brewing ployjuice, my third try 😦 I screw up at the temperature. Pottermore is simply awesome! I’m Gryffindor by the way 🙂

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