Second Thoughts: A Casual Vacancy

So, A Casual Vacancy is out. And, contrary to my prior claims, I’m not going to read it.

After hearing a disturbing quote from the novel on the radio, I once again used the internet to assuage my concern over whether A Casual Vacancy was indeed a ‘black comedy mystery’ as first dubbed, or whether it was a darker, more explicitly sexual and dramatic novel, as the radio suggested. Well, after reading some very positive reviews from Hypable, The Observer and The Guardian, and also some very critical reviews from New York Times and The Telegraph, as well as one which was full of spoilers (I can’t remember where it was from) that showed me the extent of the darkness and brutality of Rowling’s new adult novel….

I have rescinded on my desire to read the novel. While many Harry Potter fans will, no doubt, read the novel because it was written by J.K. Rowling, I do not share the view that every book a beloved author produces should be read. So I have decided, upon reflection, that no, I would not like to read the novel, even though I have been anticipating it for a while, and even though I believe myself mature enough to handle what it throws at me, and even though I would like to read a non-HP Rowling work, because it does not appeal to me personally. I don’t think I’ll be changing my mind soon.

So, if you’ve kept up to date with reviews, or have read the book yourself, what do you think? Is A Casual Vacancy a good read? Or is it “utter bollocks” ?(courtesy of Ronald Weasley)

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