This Holiday’s Reading Endeavour


Yes!!!!!!!!!! The holidays are finally here! Not that I’ll have a lot of free time, what with studying and homework and other numerous school-related things…

But I will make time to read, because it’s a priority of mine, and each holiday, I tend to go on a massive reserve-and-read spree which usually involves me trundling back and forth from the library to pick all the books up. Because reserving books can be a bit annoying, I focus on one or two prolific authors, and read a whole lot of works by just one person. Last time, it was the famous American sci-fi authoress Ursula Le Guin, and before that it was Terry Pratchett and Terry Brooks. This time, I have decided to go on a long and in depth journey, through the ages of Middle – Earth and into the myths beyond.

That’s right! for all of you LOTR-lovers, I’m embarking upon the extra-ordinary reading experience of going through the ENTIRE 11 volumes of The History Of Middle-Earth, as well as the complete Silmarillion and other tales by J.R.R. Tolkien, as edited and published posthumously by his son Christopher R. Tolkien.

Wish me luck!! These novels are no light weights – on the contrary, they felt like 10 kgs as I lugged them home!

Also, does anyone know, by any chance, where I could find the elvish alphabet? I’d love to learn how to read elvish, but I’m not sure in which of Tolkien’s works it was published.

Let’s call me Lily

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2 thoughts on “This Holiday’s Reading Endeavour

  1. robstroud says:

    There’s a fantastic Elvish language website which I coincidentally happen to be featuring in my blog post tomorrow:

    Blessings in the momentous task you’re undertaking!

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