School Starts Once More

The last term of 2012 is fast approaching – there are 12 hours and 6 minutes to go before I must meander through the school gates again. To say the least, I am not looking forward to it. Four weeks (thankfully, it’s a very short term due to externals) of frantically finishing internal assignments and revising for the upcoming and very important exams, which I am thoroughly dreading. But after exams – hooray! – there is The Hobbit to look forward to…

I regret to say that I set myself too high a goal these holidays, as out of the 13 books I set out to read, I have finished only 3 –  The Silmarillion, Tales From The Perilous Lands, and The Book of Lost Tales Part 1. I will, however, continue to slog through the novels in between my other tasks, and hope to finish before the end of the year (at the rate that I’m going, it will take at least another month and a half).

So, goodbye temporary and relative freedom, hello temporary and relative and actually probably much-exaggerated imprisonment.

Let’s call me Lily


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