Fallen leaves litter the ground

Broken and crumpled

They are all that remains of the year past

Strewn across the paving.


In spring they grew from small, green, curled up bundles,

And they flourished and stretched

As the summer grew nigh

Spreading their green shade to

Any seeking shelter from the burning sun.


The summer withered, and with it the leaves,

Metamorphosing into shades of vivid orange and dull, burnt brown

Autumn approaches crisply, with dewy and frosty feet;

The leaves shrivel and loosen from their branches

They drift to the ground, swirling in the wind.


Winter arrived, and the leaves on the ground

Decomposed, crinkled and falling apart,

Lay pressed upon the stone

Patterned with the shoe prints passers by.


Now they lie, in corners or piled under the trees nearby,

Providing nourishment and returning

From whence they came;

Making way the leaves to come.


One thought on “Metamorphosis

  1. […] original version can be found here […]

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