A Sandy Time for the Fishes

Living in New Zealand, one gets their fair share of earthquakes and tsunamis. But hurricanes aren’t so common, and so I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced something like what everybody has talked about in the past few days.

I’d just like to say that I hope that the 10 fatalities (mostly from fallen trees)  that have been reported stay at this number, and that everyone is safe at home, or a friend’s house, curled up on the couch or in bed reading a good novel.

And also that some of the pictures that have been coming in are truly awe-inspiring (scroll down for an example, and a personal favourite)

This was posted on the internet 8 hours ago. Impressive or what?

Hurricane Sandy (the huge storm with winds gusting up to 90 mph (145 kph) in the Eastern America region today) is a very unusual phenomenon – it was made up of a tropical storm,  which is fairly common as it is still hurricane season, and which would be fairly bad by itself. But then, low pressure from the Arctic fed this storm, strengthening it, just like 199’s “Perfect Storm”, i.e. Hurricane Grace. And then. pushing the storm to the shores of New jersey and New York City, cane a high-pressure system coming from the northeastern Atlantic Ocean. All of which equals NOT GOOD.

“You’ve got three factors here that have come together in just the right pattern to create a storm of this type,” Robinson told LiveScience. “That’s why it’s very rare.” (quote from http://news.yahoo.com/weather-climate-caused-hurricane-sandy-190156751.html).

So far, there has been severe flooding in many areas of New Jersey and New York, including the submersion of the New York subways.

Hopefully, things will get better soon.


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