Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Chapters 12-18, Live Blog


I raced home from the bus, and now I’m finally here.

I’m just waiting for chapter 12 to load, and then I’ll be on my way – yay!

Chapter 12

  • Moment 1: Dumbledore’s office has crackling fire sound effects, as well as a clock ticking in the background. I am so psyched! Lots of stuff moves!
  • The room has heaps of portraits and knick-knacks; it looks great, and I’ve just collected dragon’s blood, and a sherbet lemon from a little mini-cauldron on the table.
  • Bubbling cauldron  – and a Bertie Bott’s bean and lacewing flies! As well as a great new tit-bit – the polyjuice potion can’t change your species! Other than that, nothing new

….sorry, I just crashed for a moment…hopefully it won’t  happen again….

Right, sorry folks. SOMEONE forget to plug the laptop in, and the result were several black-outs and frantic chocolate eating.

Also, I will be missing the Slytherin Common Room, because my computers have yet allowed me to make part 2 of polyjuice – the agonies of having a computer that vanishes the lacewing flies as soon as they drop.

Now, to continue…:P

Chapter 13

  • Bertie Bott’s soap flavoured bean – very appropriate, seeing as we’re in a bathroom! Moaning Myrtle’s cries fill the air!
  • Also, a very randomly placed leaping toadstool! And we can take a closer look at the *strangely blank* diary
  • Oh, gods!!! Valentine’s Day! 😀 The cupids look nice here though, not ugly gnomes like in the books! Lots to collect here, from money to Valentine cards to rose oil on the front table.
  • I wish we could have heard Ginny’s singing Valentine…
  • Oh, Brilliant!!! A *strangely blank* page with only numbers, and no zooming allowed! But if you click on the 13th…
  • I couldn’t find anything in that moment though. Oh well, onto the next chapter!
  • Additional note: you can also collect a vomit flavoured bean the middle of the table second-to-the-left, and a strawberry one on the middle of the table second-to-the-right, on Harry’s plate.

Chapter 14

  • Oooo! A ghost! This content would’ve been even better yesterday – on Hallowe’en. And skele-gro – perfect for mending a broken arm from quidditch! As well as a bezoar…we get to empty two shelves of stuff! Only those three items though, as far as I can tell.
  • Additional note: You can collect 5 galleons from the drawer to the right of Sir Nicholas’ bed. We’re getting considerably richer in these chapters!
  • The next moment zooms out, always an exciting change. Again, you can collect several bottles, as well as some more dried nettles! Thanks Hagrid!
  • Additional note: there’s a key on the floor of Hagrid’s hut – good luck getting it – I can’t!aha, I did it!

Chapter 15

  • First chocolate Frog Card I’ve found so far, as well as a shrivelfig…but how do you catch the spiders? I can’t click on them!
  • Aha! You just have to click on random things – a cabbage, a plant, and a sack, until all three spiders appear and then the whole screen will shift. Clever! And very well recompensed, with 5 more galleons being found! I’ve noticed they come in 5’s rather than ones now… More clicking reveals lots more spiders, but no zoom.
  • Great, a game! Keep the spiders from eating Ron and Harry, coming to the rescue with the Ford Anglia! While at the same time, try not to be distracted by the ooh! porcupine quills and money and a root of aconite lying about. Then, get some knotgrass as a prize. Again, no zooming abilities here.

Chapter 16

  • Le pauvre chose – Hermione’s been petrified! But what’s that under her pillow? And in the cupboard? And behind the door? Also, you’d better take a look at what’s in her hand – it might be important!
  • Nothing in the next moment – I’ve tried clicking! Additional Note: If you click the left faucet repeatedly, you the sink drops down and a pipe appears!
  • Oh, this is very cool. The lumos grows brighter when you hover your mouse, and then the two serpents open their doors and you can see the long pipe leading to the chamber. Again, no zooming or anything – am I missing something here? A bit anticlimatic –  I definitely expected more…maybe the effects and stuff will come a bit later – they are still developing, right?

Chapter 17

  • The chamber is really creepy, but again, I am unable to do anything but zoom once. Did you notice that there are the sacred feet of Salazar rather than his face? Also, new content about the mechanisms of Salazar in creating the chamber.
  • Ooh, whipping cloak – you stole that effect off Snape, Harry!
  • And then, a really cool zoom upwards to Fawkes attacking the Basilisk – close your eyes! Again, nothing to do but zoom.
  • And the Tom Riddle Jr memory is dead, with a splash of ink and a scream. Again, nothing to do. It is getting tiresome to write this again and again. I’ll just say ditto from now on.

Chapter 18

Right, I’m really sorry, but I need to go!! With only two chapters left(I couldn’t just leave!), ONE CHAPTER LEFT I must depart in haste 😦 to watch a friends motion capture film being screened at school for media night…:)

But I’ll be back!

I am back!!!!

And now, to continue – where were we? Aah, Dumbledore Returns…just in time, as it happens. Because a wizard is never late!

  • Pick up a ginger snap from the tin – Mcgonagall’s!!, and pick up Mirabell’s Chocolate Frog Card (I wish that we could read the facts about the cards after picking them up, because I often just click on x automatically and lose that precious info!)
  • Also, there is nettle wine on the mantle piece, and 5 galleons and the thin magazine ‘Transfiguration Today’ on the second shelf.
  • You can also see Gryffindor’s sword, very dramatically covered with blood and revealing new content when clicked, and hear the fire crackling in the background once more.
  • “Dobby is free!!” And holding up Harry’s gooey sock to back this claim up, it seems! But that’s it. Ditto.

Just like last time, you can go check other blogs that do a more thorough rundown of objects and items – I kind of try to leave it a bit mysterious (ish). Elm Blade’s Blog usually does a really good, easy to understand one, and so does Expecto Patronum.

Personally, I found the last couple of chapters a bit empty, but maybe that’s because I’d read the exclusive content before….still I hope that a few more items/challenges will be added – – I’d love to say something in parselmouth, for instance (maybe that’s the interactive thing they’re working on), or to kill the basilisk myself!


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