Pottermore Opens Prisoner Of Azkaban, Chapters 1-7, Liveblog

Sorry I’m a little late; I’ve been busy for the past few days (read, on a plane – all shall be revealed later), and so missed this magnificent occasion. I shall now remedy it, from the other side of the world!

Chapter 1

  • Saw the galleons immediately, but then realised I couldn’t click on them yet 😦
  • Took a closer look at the papers on Harry’s bed – the newspaper article and Ron’s letter – as well as the letter in his hand. And a birthday card. And Ron’s note on the sneakoscope, thought the item in question was missing.
  • Picked up the chocolate frog card by Harry’s feet.
  • And….that’s it – I couldn’t open any of the drawers or anything.

Chapter 2

  • Again, just one moment. A downward zoom, and click on the spilt glass of sherry for new content on Aunt Marge! I liked her side note, as she did use quite a stereotypical ‘nasty’ dog, and I felt that she could have dispelled some of the prejudice against bulldogs.

Chapter 3

  • Another chocolate frog card…but I still can’t pick up the Monster Book Of Monsters (I tried in chapter one, too). And I can see Sirius lurking in the back there…
  • Unlocked the Knight Bus content by clicking on the hot water bottle, and got some nice content (unlike Aunt Marge, which wasn’t anything new really.)
  • Took a closer look at ‘Black At Large’, and tipped over the umbrella stand, and almost knocked over the cup by hovering my mouse on it.
  • Picked up the walking stick – you can once it’s hit the floor – and double clicked, making the whole scene bounce around as the bus geared up for Diagon Alley. There’s a tennis ball bouncing around, and I can’t get to  it quick enough!! I give up, because while I can make it go purple, I can’t click on it!!!!!! Frustrating!

Chapter 4

  • Shopping…I hate shopping, both real and virtual
  • Collected a tub of blowflies sitting on the trunk on the left, and turned the white rabbit into a black tophat with a pass of my mouse! On the second zoom, Scabbers escapes, and on the third, I can pick up his rat tonic and the chocolate frog card.

Chapter 5

  • Nothing on the first zoom…first bean of the book (sausage)!! And when I pass my mouse of Lupins outstretched hands, a flame appears and lights the room, and the Dementor’s hand withdraws…(no!!!!why did you do it movie version?!? It’s meant to be a PATRONUS!!!! That’s how Harry is first introduced to them, and knows to ask Lupin for help!!!!)

Chapter 6

  • The frame gives new content, which is awesome, detailed and completely new (well, his characteristics aren’t, but I’ll take Cadogan’s pony! :D)
  • Clicks take you on a journey into three different frames as Sir Cadogan helps out with directions by running through them, then takes you back to the beginning.
  • Professor Trelawny’s room in all its steamy splendour is shown, and I pick up a chocolate frog card, a pack of exploding snap and a tea cup (the one at the left end of the bottom left hand shelf ).
  • Here in the Hippogriff paddock, Ipick up a dropped chocolater frog card from beside the bags, and read about the retired Professor Kettleburn (only one arm and half a leg, oh my!).

Chapter 7

  • Well, that was quite challenging!! You click, and a boggart appears – I got a mummy and Snape as Mrs Longbottom – and you have to ‘kill’ it to unlock the new conent about them. However, the spell needs to be quite strong to work, and so needed a few tries on my part.

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