I’m [Amelia] And You’re Late


So, I haven’t really typed anything since about November….which I am really sorry about. I took a hiatus for exams, and afterwards I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything.

I just stared at the screen for a while every few days and logged out of wordpress without doing a thing. A lot. There’s really no excuse. I did, however, record some stuff about my holidays in my notebook (maybe my aversion to typing is psychological? Only I had no problems with email), so I will definitely be updating stuff soon (in chronological order, as it happened). Hopefully school doesn’t get in the way.

Thanks to everyone who still looked at my posts – I was very surprised, because I even got a couple of comments! You all deserve cookies 🙂

Let’s call me Lily

P.S. That’s a Doctor Who quote that I borrowed. 11th Doctor, episode 1, Season 1.


One thought on “I’m [Amelia] And You’re Late

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