I’m Okay and I’m On My Way

While on a twelve hour flight, it is generally accepted that 0-2 hours are going to be had, and so the only thing to do is bring at least two books and watch movies the entire time. The two books are for the wait in the airport, between different check-in places, and on the plane itself while waiting for take off and for the entertainment to switch on. The books I decided to take with me (I always pick a few that I haven’t read and two that I could read forever) were American Gods (Neil Gaiman is amazing, read him!) and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (because I didn’t feel like HP, AF, LOTR or PJO, or something like that) and  a comic of The Secret Avengers, a James Patterson Witch and Wizard manga, and a three-in-one Anne McCaffrey Dragons of Pern book. Quite a lot more than usual, but I’d decided I wanted to try and sketch from the comics. That didn’t work, but I finished reading them both, as well as American Gods and one of the McCaffrey books.

Our first flight was an afternoon flight using Thai Airways, which always provides excellent service and, importantly, good food. I don’t tend to like most aeroplane food, but Thai airways has nice food, and drinks that come around regularly with polite, well dressed flight attendants. Take-off was fine, with no sore ears to be had apart from those who were sitting next to my little sister (4), as she kind of screeched excitedly and loudly as she saw the plane rise from her window seat.

The movies I watched were:

  • The Amazing Spiderman, directed by Mark Webb (heehee :P)
  • Frankenweenie, directed by Tim Burton
  • The Odd Life of Timothy Green directed by Peter Hodges
  • Love Actually directed by Richard Curtis

To keep myself alive, awake, and slightly in practise of writing, I did short reviews for each movies I saw. I was a bit disappointed that there were no Marvel Stage 1 movies or The Hobbit, but figured that they were too new or just not available for planes yet.


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