Plane Review Part 1: The Amazing Spiderman

Starring Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, and Rhys Ifans (who I recognised from the 2011 TV series that was dvd-ified Neverland) as DR. Curtis Connors, the questionable villan of the piece.

I haven’t read very many comics, especially considering that there are about 500 for every superhero, or some other big crazy number, so I haven’t come across a Gwen Stacy+Peter Parker comic yet, just Mary Jane or The Black Cat. I have also, to my regret, not seen quite a lot of superhero movies, as my parents aren’t into that sort of thing so as a child I never saw/read any. This means I can’t remember watching any Spiderman movie, ever. This also means I don’t know how Gwen Stacy is meant to be played – shy/competent, outgoing/unpopular, etc – but I thought that Stone played her quite well, and not like some pushover love interest (which is one of the things I like about the Spiderman comics – his girl/friends are always strong in their own right, and usually independent and feministish). Garfield also pulled being Spiderman off well, in my opinion, as he wasn’t overly buff or square like other superheroes (Batman, Thor, Superman, Captain America….), instead angular and lean, which is how I’ve always pictured Spidey. And, err, I confess, his sheepish expressions to Aunt May kinda made my day.

As for Curtis Connors…well, after seeing him as Hook in Neverland (a Dickensian adaptation of Peter Pan), I figured that he does conflicted vilian who wants to better the world quite well, and he didn’t disappoint. I appreciated that Mark Webb kept him sharp as a man – clever and aware – while taking his demented passion and twisting it as he progressed further into the Lizard’s mindset. The changes in the basic story-line (I’m pretty sure Lizard wasn’t connected to Peter Parker’s dad) were okay, they were all reasonable and still fitted the essence of what Spiderman is about. Even though Ben Parker dies in a different way. And Spiderman reveals himself (partially).

The stunts looked fantastic – it must have been so fun swinging around as Spiderman! Furthermore, the score was interesting, as instead of using the cliché drumming to build tension, there were jarring piano notes, which sort of reminded me of a person stepping the wrong strand of a web.  Overall, a good action/superhero movie.



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