Plane Review Part 3: The Odd Life Of Timothy Green

This movie is about a married couple who have just been told that they are not able to have children, and so they end up writing down all of the attributes that they wanted their child to have, and burying them in their garden. Needless to say, they get this child – Timothy – who appears to have grown out of their desires and wishes. Framed as a flashback, the story of Timothy is played out as evidence that the couple should be allowed to adopt a child of their own.

It’s a really lovely story line, although the end is a bit sad (in a happy kind of way). The movie is mainly about parenting, and how kids can be unexpected and profound as well as irritating and silly, and that the behaviour of the parents reflects upon their children, and vice-versa. It also conveys the message of different=good. 🙂 What I really liked about the movie was the creativity that the kids showed – thae art that they produced was really amazing! I wish I could have a sanctuary like that…


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