Transit To El Al

After a twelve hour flight, no matter how luxurious, the last thing anybody really wants is to wait in transit for 4 hours and then get on another 12 hour flight…which is what we proceeded to do. Let me tell you, sitting on metal, holey chairs for extended amounts of time is not a comfortable experience, even if you are allowed to lean on your mum’s shoulder and shut red, veined tired eyes, if not a tired brain.

The El Al flight….was, frankly, awful. Terrible. There was no entertainment, at all: no movies, no games, no TV channels…nothing! I tried to sleep for a while, but what with announcements, meals, and interruptions such as an awake and hyper little sister who demanded to switch seats so often it was like musical chairs, sleep wasn’t very forthcoming.

What’s weird was that we started our journey on the afternoon on the 23rd, then flew for an entire 24 hours, plus 4 hours in transit, which should have gotten us to the evening of the 24th…whereas we landed at 6 am in Israel. Talk about jet – lag! It was all I could do to stay awake until early evening, especially as it’s winter in Israel, so it gets dark at around 4:30 in the afternoon.


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