Yes, Today

Yesterday I stole a pen

Just took it off the teacher’s desk

No one noticed.


So today I put it back,

Left it lying on a book

Trudged back down to my seat

Only to see

On my own desk

A flashy, four-colour, click-and-change.


I look around.

I doodled this poem in English while I was meant to do a poem based on Glen Colquhoun’s “Today I Want To Be A Doctor”, which I found repetitive and boring, and therefore not to my liking.

The teacher saw it, and for some reason, liked it. Then she made me read it out loud, even thought I hadn’t even finished it in a way I was agreeable to.

So then I had to read it. And after I said the last line, there was (I swear) about a ten second silence. And then I realised that everyone was waiting for the next line, because they didn’t think it was finished. So I had to say “hey guys, that’s it! There’s no more!“, and the silence was broken by embarrassed laughter and murmurs as everything went back to normal.

And in my head, I said “I told you it wasn’t finished” to my teacher. But only in my head.


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