December the 27th 2012 – Georgia is a Country, and a Friend

On the 27th, we walked down to the beach, although we didn’t swim as we forgot our togs. We found a Georgian restaurant as we were looking for the right bus stop, where I ate a really scrumptious lunch of traditional Georgian food, along with the complementary pickles, which are something peculiar to most Israeli restaurants  – if you order a main meal, you get 5-7 littles dishes of all sorts of pickles and tehini (yum!). We then wandered over to a Dr Lek, which is the Israeli equivalent of Copenhagen, I think, and scoffed down some AMAZING ice-cream – you wouldn’t believe the flavours (backlava, crembo, dulca de leche…) they offer; quite a large variety that is about equal to Giapo (I ate my double flavour scoop, then finished my little sister’s as she couldn’t eat it all, and THEN ate the rest of my brother’s. 🙂 I was totally stuffed after that, but I couldn’t let them just throw it in the bin!).

Afterwards, we went to help organise my cousin’s sixth birthday party, which, was an enormous extravaganza…which is apparently normal in Israel. There was a hired fairy (who really wanted to visit New Zealand and was very impressed with our fairy-ful culture), and the ENTIRE KINDERGARTEN was invited – that’s about 30 kids!!!! But they know each other really well, and so do their parents as they all do heaps of activities together, so it’s different to the NZ system where you hardly see fellow parents at all. It was pretty tiring… Finally it was time to go home, where I watched my grandmere play bridge and insult the other players in French when they did something stupid 😀

So yeah, it’s not too bad right now!! And, although it gets really cold in the wee hours of the morning, which I have the privilege of partaking in due to jet-lag, it’s hot!! In Bat Yam and Telaviv, at least, which is where I am this week. So I’m receiving summer weather after all!


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