Whovians Huffuffle Over

I’m a rather antisocial person, in that I love getting together with friends but usually have homework and/or family stuff and/or am very bored and don’t get out of my pyjamas all day but spend it reading and ignoring said homework…so sometimes an entire month will pass and I won’t see a single one of my friends.

This is a very bad habit that I am trying to break, so to start it off I invited all my fellow Whovians to huffuffle to my place for an afternoon of  the 10th Doctor, Series 4, to eat some yummy snacks and exclaim over Donna (who is just a temp from Chissick [but did she mention she is the fastest  temp in Chissick?] ), the Doctor (He played Hamlet, he can’t help it…”he has really good hair”… Bbbrilliant ), Captain Jack [Not Sparrow] (OMG you didn’t know John Barrowman is gay? I am so sorry, I’ve broken your heart, haven’t I?) and other such things, like BAMF Rose etc, etc.

Which is a great idea, and ended up being almost completely successful, as I had a great time and it’s been raining outside so the atmosphere was definitely there, only some of said Whovians couldn’t make it because they had homework and family things.

Still, it was nice.

And now I’m wondering – who’s your favourite companion, or the companion you like the least? Because between my friends and I, there are agreements and disagreements, some of which are hampered by us only having seen some companions and not others.

Which episode do you like best?

And, perhaps most pertinently, how on Earth can I watch the earlier episodes – previous Doctors, back before 9 (Christopher Eccleston, and the earliest Doctor I’ve seen). Because I can’t find them in video stores or in library catalogues, and as I don’t have a TV, I can’t watch the 50th anniversary rerun, which I was so, so, so looking forward to!

Enjoy you Doctor Who viewing, flail in excitement at the new episodes coming very soon, and hush, spoilers!! I have only seen two Matt Smith episodes 😦

Because a fob watch is sometimes just a fob watch…..until it isn’t


BAMF Rose with a gun at Journey's End

BAMF Rose with a gun at Journey’s End

Donna and The Doctor meeting – in mime!!!!! This is actually silent in the episode, and is HILARIOUS!!!

This is the very cool quote I have on my T shirt, which I got from Thailand!!!

The infamous Captain Jack Harkness - you don't want to know what he's thinking!

The infamous Captain Jack Harkness – you don’t want to know what he’s thinking!

The Journey has Ended....and it's so very dramtically sad that there is pathetic fallacy

The Journey has Ended….and it’s so very dramatically sad that there is pathetic fallacy 🙂 This post has also come to an end, incidentally. Cry silent tears of sadness, everybody.


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  1. […] yes, this is a very appropriate quote, given that while we were watching Journey’s End yesterday, two tremors were trundling through the living room (according to this article, at least. And lots […]

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