“It’ll just be a story. One of those Donna Noble stories, where she missed it all again.”

So, yes, this is a very appropriate quote, given that while we were watching Journey’s End yesterday, two tremors were trundling through the living room (according to this article, at least. And lots of other people. But I think it’s a conspiracy…)

Auckland has been rattled by two earthquakes this afternoon.

The biggest, a magnitude 3.9 earthquake, struck at 4.05pm at a depth of 6km.

A magnitude 3.1 hit five minutes earlier and was 4km deep.

Both were centred under Motutapu Island, near the volcanic island of Rangitoto, in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf.

Twitter has been flooded with responses to the shake, with people describing the shock of feeling an earthquake in Auckland.

Ellie-May Seymour tweeted: “Ok just had a heart attack. There was an earthquake in Auckland.”

Lily De Felice said: “Woah earthquake my bed just moved halfway across my bedroom floor.”


You see, while all of these so called ‘true’ accounts are to be found all over the internet, my friends and I didn’t feel a thing. The projector screen didn’t even wobble!

So, there’s obviously been a mistake, and the rest of the world is wrong 😀



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