Feedback Is Not A Sin

Feedback isn’t a sin. Neither is criticism. Even if it’s something like “I really hate this poem”, as long as you explain WHY, it’s still fine to give negative feedback on something, although it might be best to temper it by saying that you liked something else/suggest a way to improve.

This is what I believe.

Which is why I’ve made an account on Teen Ink, so that hopefully, if anyone is interested in giving me feedback or reviews about some of my work can do so more easily, especially if they are part of Teen Ink themselves. I’ll be adding my poems and short stories onto the site gradually, and hopefully some of you will discover them in a new way (they may have different titles) and be inspired to make a Teen Ink account yourself or to have a reviewing blitz.

My username on Teen Ink is Lets_call_me_Lily (no spaces and special characters are allowed) if you’d like to visit my page. Although according to the site, as everything is read and reviewed by the editors, it’ll take a couple of weeks for any of my works to be up and running.

Also, for those of you who may not know, Teen Ink is a magazine, both online and off-line, that only uses teens’ works, whether they are short/long, fiction/nonfiction, poetry/prose, images/videos. It offers non-exclusive ownership, meaning that you can publish your works in other places too, and sounds like a pretty useful site.


2 thoughts on “Feedback Is Not A Sin

  1. […] As I wrote a while back, I publish some of the work in here on a website called TeenInk, because it tends to have a bit more of an orientation towards […]

  2. […] As I wrote earlier, I’ve made an account on Teen Ink, a website dedicated to publishing teens works from all over the world, for free, on their website and in their journal. […]

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